I have two packages available on CRAN:
Misc functions: berryFunctions
extreme value statistics: extremeStat
The development versions are at github.com/brry.
There, you will also find:
OSMscale: convenient background map with correct scalebar for spatial points
installB: update own R packages in development
shapeInteractive: zoom and click-change ESRI-shapefiles

Please feel free to send me feedback!

Windows Tip: open DESCRIPTION and NEWS files without an extension by default in an editor. This post shows how to do that.

a note on mReg
Multiple regression fitting various function types. This is a quick way to find out how well several (relatively simple) mathematical functions fit to the correlation between two given variables. mReg by default plots the two variables in a scatterplot and adds the 6 best fitting functions. It also returns the parameters and goodness of all the fits.

mReg2 mReg1

For much more extended symbolic regression, see Eurequa, as introduced by Andrew Gelman. I’ve never worked with it – feel free to comment about it at the end of this page. Further reading suggestions: Methods used for symbolic Regression, especially Genetic Programming.
German warning:
Die Gefahr bei mReg ist Overfitting (mehr Parameter als nötig und/oder sinnvoll), sowie Auswahl eines inhaltlich nicht passenden Zusammenhangs. Einiges kann man bei der Extrapolation erahnen, aber nicht alles.
Also gibt mReg Auskunft, wie gut einzelne Funktionstypen zu den konkreten empirischen Daten passen, ist aber nicht dazu da, um physikalisch basiert das geeignete Regressionsverfahren herauszufinden.

3 Responses to “R packages”

  1. 1 Anonymous 27. Juli 2015 um 11:16

    I use the function climaGraph in berryFunctions to draw the Walter-Lieth climate graph. It is great with the graph. However, when I use the compress option, then the average precipitation in the precipitation axis also be „compressed“ (it is smaller than the true average rainfall). I hope that next version, you can repair this problem.

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